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12th Grade

Seniors, meet with your counselor when school begins to ensure you are on track to meet your graduation requirements. Please remember, your first semester senior year grades are critically important for your post-secondary plans. Ensure that your transcript is up to date with your extracurricular and community involvement.  


• The last week of July is the deadline to register for the August SAT.

● The first week of September is the deadline to register for the October SAT.

● Request a letter of recommendation from two teachers for your file in the counseling office. If applicable, tell your recommenders that they ALSO may need to submit their recommendations online. If you apply Common app or SendEDU, be sure to submit the counselor/ teacher's name.

● Register for tests needed for admission (SAT, SAT Subject test(s), ACT)

● Check the counseling website for college visits, to see which college representatives are visiting. Sign up on the website for college visits to meet with the representative(s).        

● Meet with your counselor to be sure that your list includes colleges appropriate to your academic record and personal interest.

● Application essays should be written and reviewed by your English teacher and/or the librarian.

● Review your transcript to ensure its accuracy.

● Write, call or email the colleges still on your list and request information

● Plan visits to colleges if you haven’t done so; revisit those at the top of your list

● Division I and II athletes must register for initial eligibility at NCAA eligibilitycenter

● Check for scholarship opportunities on the websites and on our Counseling Office website.

● Register now for a PIN from the Federal Government at This will allow you to file the FAFSA form online. You will need a PIN for one parent AND a PIN for the student. You can file FAFSA after October 1, 2023.


● The first week of October is the deadline to register for the November SAT.

● Early decision/early action applications should be submitted now.

● Set up tours and interviews at colleges of your choice. Call the Admission Office to schedule an appointment. Remember to also make appointments with the financial aid offices and ask what type of financial aid application is required and if scholarships are available.

● Consult with your counselor again to review your final list of colleges.

● Check to see if the colleges on your list require the CSS Profile. If they do, register online at

● If any college on your list requires official test scores sent directly from the College Board, make sure you complete this at this time.

● Keep your grades strong. Colleges often request to see senior grades.

● You may file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid after October 1 online at . All types of aid (including a student loan) originate as a result of filing the FAFSA

   2023-2024 Deadlines

● Attend the Financial Aid workshop -- see website for specifics.

● Begin to complete WHS Senior Scholarship applications found on the WHS website.


•The first week of November is the deadline to register for the December SAT.

● Applications should be completed (for many institutions) by Thanksgiving.

● Keep all records, test score reports, and copies of applications for admission and financial aid. Do not discard anything until at least the end of your first year in college.


● If you applied for early decision or early action, you should have an answer this month. If you are accepted, follow the directions for admitted students. If you have not been admitted, check to make sure your other applications are processed and that you have a good chance of being admitted.          

● Submit Transcript Release Form to each college you apply to prior to Friday, December 1, 2023 to have your transcripts sent before the winter break.

● If you haven’t applied for a PIN for financial aid, do so now. See September for details

● Continue to search for scholarships on the Counseling Office website and scholarship websites listed below.


● Request midyear grades through the transcript release form so they are sent to the colleges where you have applied if they are required.


● Avoid senioritis. Remember, colleges will evaluate your final high school record.

● Call colleges that you have not heard from and inquire about the status of your application.

● File the FAFSA form now if not yet completed. Many colleges have a February 15 deadline.


● Check any financial aid forms that the college(s) may require.

● After submitting the FAFSA, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) online. You will need to check this form for corrections. Read and follow all directions.


● Keep track of acceptances, deadlines, and financial aid letters. You should inform the Counseling Office of all decisions.

● Make sure you have sent in housing reservations

● Notify the Counseling Office of all scholarships received for inclusion in the graduation program


● All students enrolled in Advanced Placement classes must pay all fees to sit for the AP exams. The test dates are May 6-17, 2024 .

● Let the college know if you are going to accept their offer of admission by May 1 by submitting a tuition deposit.


● Take time to thank your parents, teachers, and friends for all the support they have given you during high school.

● Write thank you notes to those people who have written letters of recommendation to you and for any scholarships you have or will receive.


The Common Application:

1. Register at Common App.

2. Create a User Name and Password.

3. Complete the Common Application and submit to your chosen college(s).

4. Invite your recommenders to submit recommendations online on the Common App website. Please make sure recommender email addresses are accurate.           

5. Invite your counselor to submit his/her recommendation, Secondary School Report, and transcript.

6. Submit your transcript release form to the counseling office.


Colleges NOT using the Common Application:

1. Complete the application online on the college's website.

2. Submit your transcript release form to the counseling office.

          a. Notate on the transcript release form the names of your recommenders if recommendation letters are requested by the college. Recommender(s) should submit their letters in hard copy to the counseling office.

          b. Submit your ACT/SAT scores from the testing agency OR request on the transcript release form that they be included on your transcript (method of submission is dictated by the college-check with the college as to how they accept these scores) 



1. Register at

2. Complete the application online for the schools that you are applying to that subscribe to the Coalition.

3. Invite your recommenders to submit recommendations online on the Common App website. Please make sure recommender email addresses are accurate.

4. Invite your counselor to submit his/her recommendation, Secondary School Report, and transcript.

5. Submit your transcript release form to the counseling office.             

We know that the college admissions process can be stressful and confusing. Please do not hesitate to see your counselor or email your counselor when you need a question answered or help with any part of your application!


See the counseling website under SAT/ACT Information

*The WHS Library provides students with an opportunity for SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, and PSAT test preparation via the high school website. Please click the WHS Library link, select Databases, scroll down to Career, then select "Testing and Education Preparation Center". Create a username and use the password: pL3028

FEE WAIVERS- Based on WHS free/reduced lunch status, students may qualify for fee waivers for standardized tests and application fees. Students who took the PSAT and qualified for a fee waiver will have their fee waiver status updated by CollegeBoard automatically in payment for registration for the SAT or SAT Subject Tests. Students requiring a fee waiver for ACT or college applications should see their counselor.

STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES- Any student who requires testing accommodation for the SAT or ACT should contact his/her counselor immediately. There is an application procedure to request accommodation through the College Board or the ACT. Each test date has an accommodation application deadline that must be met.

SAT SUBJECT TEST- Check with the colleges you are considering to see if SAT Subject tests are required. Many of the most selective colleges require either two or three SAT Subject tests. Some colleges accept the ACT in lieu of both the SAT Reasoning and SAT Subject tests.

ADVANCED PLACEMENT TESTS- May 6-17, 2024- students interested in taking AP tests must pay all exam fees to actually sit for the exams. Students must take the exam in order to receive AP credit weight towards their high school cumulative GPA. Students who opt not to take the AP Exam must take a final exam for that course.

NCAA ELIGIBILTY CENTER- Students planning to participate in Division I or II college athletics should understand the guidelines and core requirements for eligibility. The Eligibility Center has a participation form which must be completed as soon as possible and brought to the Counseling Office. For additional information, see the counseling website under NCAA Eligibility.

SELECTIVE SERVICE- The Director of the Selective Service has asked us to remind male students that they must register with Selective Service within one month of their eighteenth birthday. This is especially important in light of provisions of the law, which makes registration compliance a prerequisite for many student aid and job training benefits. Individuals may complete the registration at any U.S. Post Office.

INTERNET YOUR WAY TO COLLEGE INFORMATION- Explore the counseling link via Whitehall High School's website, as well as websites listed below, to access continually updated, important and helpful information regarding college, career, and scholarship searches.

COLLEGE SEARCH WEBSITES       SCHOLARSHIP/FINANCIAL AID WEBSITES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       



COLLEGE VISITS- We strongly recommend visiting the college(s) to which you plan to apply. It is suggested to arrange time or college visits on weekends and holidays, if possible. For school day visits, please complete an Educational Trip Form found at the attendance office ten (10) days in advance of your planned absence. Also, please note that admissions representatives from approximately 50 colleges visit WHS. The list of scheduled visits can be found on the counseling website under college visits. Students can sign up by selecting the link to speak with an admission representative for the date they have scheduled to visit.

TYPICAL ADMISSIONS TIMELINES- Each college has its own admission policy and schedule of notification. As you do your research on the school(s) of interest to you, note carefully the policies and procedures each college outlines. A few of the most common procedures are:

ROLLING ADMISSION: This is the most common admission timeline. According to this plan, you will apply any time prior to the stated deadline and you will receive your acceptance within a given period, usually from a month to six weeks later. It is wise to apply early in the year because it is first-come, first-served. We recommend no later than Thanksgiving, but preferable in October.  

REGULAR DECISION:  In this plan, there is a stated deadline where ALL application materials must be submitted to the college, usually by mid-winter. Typically, admission decisions are mailed by April 1st.

EARLY DECISION:  This plan requires a complete commitment on your part to attend one specific college. All application materials and financial aid forms must be submitted by an early deadline. If you are admitted to college, you are expected to attend that college. You sign a paper stating you will attend, and it is a binding agreement. Those colleges which offer early decisions take this offer very seriously. If you are accepted, you must withdraw all other  applications. Consider this option very carefully before you apply.     




1. You will need to complete a Transcript Release Form that is available on the counseling website on the Homepage or under Forms for each college application you submit. This must be done at least 10 school-days prior to the due date. All Common Application schools must be listed individually and submitted. 

2.  You should check with Mrs. Lewis in the Counseling Office to verify that your Teacher Recommendations are in your file. If they are not, politely remind your teacher to submit it to Mrs. Lewis.

3.  Have the following often asked information easily accessible while completing your applications:

•  Address

    Whitehall High School

    3800 Mechanicsville Road

    Whitehall, PA 18052

•   Phone and Fax

     610-437-5081 (phone)

     610-871-3689 (fax)

 Counselor Information

Mrs. Logan Kendy ext. 1811

Mrs. Amy Swartz ext. 1812

Mrs. Meredith McLaughlin ext. 1818

Mr. Chad Stefanyak ext. 1813

Mr. Shawn Hazim ext. 1810

•  Class of 2024 Information

    GPA is based on a weighted 4.0 scale.

    Class Rank is also weighted and is reported Exact

•  CEEB Code