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Whitehall High School

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Academically researched and scientifically validated career readiness program, Xello puts the student at the center of their planning experience. Students document their journey as they build self-knowledge, explore post-secondary options, create plans, and continually reassess as they take in new knowledge, skills, and experiences.

Trip CEW Standards 13.4.5 (A,B,C)

6th Grade - 4 lessons and 4 activities completed

7th Grade - 3 lessons completed

    • CC sparks through Xello - 2nd Grade

    • Xello 3rd grade through 12th Grade

      • 3rd Grade Career Standards met: CEW Standard 13.1.5 and 13.3.5 

      • 4th Grade Standards met: CEW Standard 13.2.5 and 13.1.5

      • 5th Grade Standards met: CEW Standards 13.3.5 and 13.4.5 

      • 5th Grade Lehigh Career & Technical Institute Field 

  • 8th Grade - Career Education and Business course

  • 10th Grade: Career and Financial Literacy course