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Whitehall High School

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Community Service for WHS Clubs, Teams, & Organizations

Students often earn community service hours for several Whitehall High School extracurricular organizations. All community service hours are tracked through the Helper Helper app/website. Students may use any hours earned to complete the 12-hour community service requirement. This is often described as “double dipping.” This is permitted for the required community service requirement. However, each extracurricular organization will make its own decision about the requirements for community service. Please be advised that while all hours count for the required community service requirement, they may not count toward extracurricular organizations. Students should contact the extracurricular organization’s advisor for more information on community service requirements as a part of the organization. 

Students who participate for a full year or season in one calendar year in Whitehall High School athletics, band, chorus, or theater will receive a one-time 3 hour community service credit. This may only count one time during a student’s high school career. The student requests approval of the hours through the Helper Helper app/website during the designated yearly window for approval.