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Add Past Committments

If you have community service to document which has occurred in the summer of 2023 or during the 2023-2024 school year, please log into the website ( or with the Helper Helper app. Enter these hours as “Add Past Commitment”. These past commitments must be entered before December 31, 2023. Starting 1/1/24, you will need to have sites entered & and approved before hour approvals. Dr. Mayes will be reviewing all submissions for approval. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are entering these commitments to count towards an honor society hour goal, please choose the correct honor society or club as a CATEGORY. 

Ex. If you want to count 2 hours towards your National Honor Society goal/requirement, choose the CATEGORY of Goal_National Honor Society. If you entered past commitments, you need to adjust the category so you get credit toward your goal/requirement. That is the only way our team knows where you want the credit. This will always be the procedure to make sure your hours go to the correct goal.