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Medications During the School Day

The Nurse Practice Act prohibits nurses from giving out any medications without a doctor’s order.  In order for medication to be given during the school day, the Medication Dispensing Form must be completed by the child’s physician and signed by both the physician and the parent or guardian. Copies of this form are available here

Both the completed form and the prescribed medication must be provided to the school nurse. Medications must be delivered to the school by a parent or designated adult. The school physician from St. Luke’s University Hospital has approved standing orders that the staff from the health office can administer throughout the school day. 

The standing orders allow:

Cough drops 

Diphenhydramine/Calamine Lotion (i.e. Caladryl or Benadryl gel) 

Diphenhydramine orally (Benadryl)


Liquid or chewable antacid (Mylanta or Tums) 

Oral numbing dental analgesic (i.e. Anbesol or Orabase) 

Oral numbing throat lozenges (i.e. Cepacol lozenges) 

Topical burn gel (i.e. Lidocaine based gel) 

Triple Antibiotic Ointment (i.e Neosporin or Polysporin)

You must consent for your child to receive these medications through the online update.